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This week on…A Shot at Love…

Taylor: It’s down to just me and Demi now. Honestly, I feel like I’d be the best person for her but who knows what she’s thinking.

Demi: Taylor and I are so different. I think Selena has two very different paths she could take.

“So, I think we should spend some time just hanging out, you know, like people do in the real world.” Selena says. She grabs Demi’s hand and guides her to a spot on the beach. Selena’s in a purple and white bikini and Demi’s in a black one. They both lie down on their towels to get a nice tan in.

“Mhm. I love the feeling of your skin soaking in the sun.” Demi sighs contently.

Selena giggles. “Me too.”

“Hey Sel?”

“Yeah?” Selena tilts her head towards Demi.

“You’re really beautiful, you know that?”

Selena blushes. “Stop it.”

“No really, I mean it. And I don’t just mean on the outside, either. You’re the kind of girl that brightens anyone’s day just by being there with them.”

Selena continues to blush. “Thanks, Dem.”

After about twenty minutes of enjoying the sun, Demi suddenly feels sand on her stomach. She opens one eye to see a pile of it on her stomach and a very guilty looking Selena on the side of her.

“Real mature, Sel.” Demi says before closing her eye.

Selena looks a little saddened by the lack of reaction so she lies back down. Demi creeps over to Selena and straddles her stomach. She wipes the sand off of herself and onto the brunette beneath her.

“What? Did you think I would just let you get away with that?” Demi leans down to kiss Selena when they hear Selena’s name being called. “What’s that?”

They look around the beach and finally find the source of the name-calling. “Paparazzi. So annoying.” Selena groans and rolls her eyes.

“Who cares? They won’t ruin our time. Let’s go take a shower to get this sand off.” Demi grins mischievously.

They both run to the outdoor showers, playfully shoving each other the entire way. “I think we’re going to have to share. You know, save water and all that…”

Before Selena has the chance to respond, Demi has her shoved up against the shower wall. She pulls their bodies close as the water rains over them. Demi gently kisses up Selena’s neck before connecting with her lips. Selena brings her hands down Demi’s stomach and then to the small of Demi’s back.

Selena: Demi. Is. So. Hot.

“So where to next, Selena Marie?”

“I knew I’d regret telling you my middle name. But yeah, we are going to dinner with my mom, Jennifer, and Amanda but we call her AJ.”

Selena: AJ was a close friend of mine in high school and she actually works as my assistant now. You all know who Jennifer is. Now I don’t have the best of relationships with my mom but she insisted on coming to meet Demi and Taylor. I think she just wants TV time.

“Hi, I’m Demi.” Demi hugs AJ and then Jennifer. When she comes to Ms. Gomez, she knows enough to just shake the woman’s hand.

They all begin to eat their dinner and Ms. Gomez grills Demi. “So tell me, Demi, what is it that you do?”

“I co-own a bar in LA with my best friend Chloe.”

“Mmm. And is it profitable?”

“We make enough, yeah.”

Ms. Gomez leans over the table in an authoritative way. “Are you with my daughter just for the money?”

“No!” Demi answers defensively. “Honestly it didn’t even cross my mind.”

Ms. Gomez scoffs. “Right.”

“With all due respect Ms. Gomez, I’m happy with the life I have, I don’t need more money. I think I’m in love with your daughter and if she decided to donate everything she had to charity, that’d be just fine. It’s her. Not the money.”

Selena frowns but brightens at Demi’s mini speech. “Mother, enough. I let you come, don’t be mean to someone I care about.”

“I am not being mean. I just want to make sure she cares about you and not the money that comes with you.”

Selena: In a weird way, I think my mom may actually be trying to protect me. But it doesn’t give her the right to badger Demi.

“Well if you’ll excuse me, we’re going to bed. That is, if you want too, Dem.”

Demi smirks and glares at Ms. Gomez. “I’d love too.”

Demi: Selena’s mom doesn’t faze me. She reminds me of my mother.


Demi and Selena start making out against Selena’s bedroom door. Selena moans when Demi’s tongue makes its way inside her mouth. Selena plays with the bottom of Demi’s shirt and lifts it slightly. Her fingers touch Demi’s stomach and gently go up further. Demi has her hands tangled in Selena’s hair. Finally, Selena fumbles for the doorknob and the two go inside her bedroom. Selena briefly unwraps herself from Demi’s embrace.

“You can stay outside.” Selena shuts the door, leaving the camera in the hallway.

Selena: My date with Demi was…indescribable.

Demi: I had a great time with Selena. I’m jealous that she’s about to spend time with Taylor. It’s very unsettling.

“Where are we?” Taylor laughs and tries taking the blindfold off of her eyes.

“Not just yet!” Selena playfully grabs Taylor’s wrists.

“Okay, open!”

Taylor opens her eyes and immediately gawks at the sight before her. They are in a huge concert hall and up on stage stands Carrie Underwood singing “Look at Me”.

I would bet my life like I bet my heart 
That you were the one, baby 
I've never been so sure of anything before 
You're driving my heart crazy 

I can't hold out 
I can't hold back now 
Like I've done before 

Darling look at me 
I've fallen like a fool for you 
Darling can't you see 
I'd do anything you want me to 

“You didn’t!”

Selena smiles. “Oh, but I did.” Selena wraps her arms around Taylor from the side.

“How?” Taylor is still speechless.

Selena: I wanted to do something big for Taylor. I know Demi can handle my life but can Taylor?

“Well I remember you telling me that Carrie Underwood was one of your inspirations. It just so happens me and Carrie are kinda tight.”

They both laugh. Taylor turns around to look at Selena and she gently kisses her. “This is great.”

“You know, I was kind of hoping that after Carrie, you’d be willing to sing for me?”

Taylor looks down at the floor, back at Carrie Underwood, and finally back at Selena. “Of course I will.”

Selena: I know it means a lot to Taylor to sing in front of someone. This sort of solidifies her feelings for me.

Carrie finishes out her song.

“Okay, I know there’s a very special person out there for my friend Selena. And I can’t wait to hear her sing. Come on up, Taylor!”

Taylor walks up to the stage and sets herself up with the guitar as Selena cheers her on.

“Well, I wrote this one recently so it’s not completely finished. I hope you don’t hate it.” Taylor nervously laughs into the microphone.

I've never gone with the wind
Just let it flow
Let it take me where it wants to go
Til' you opened the door
And there's so much more
I'd never seen it before
I was tryin' to fly but I couldn't find wings
But you came along and changed everything

You lift my feet off the ground
You spin me around
You make me crazier crazier
Feels like I'm falling and I
I'm lost in your eyes
You make me crazier crazier crazier

“That was beautiful, Tay.”

Selena: Taylor’s singing voice is just another part of her that I really...love.

Taylor: It’s not easy for me to sing for someone, but I’m glad I did for Selena. At this point, I’d do anything just to make her show that smile of hers.


“Okay, so all you have to know is don’t look her in the eye and don’t comment on how ugly her hair looks.”

Taylor giggles. “Is she really that bad?”

“Trust me; my mom was awful to Demi.”

Taylor’s shoulders slump a little at the mention of the brunette.

Taylor: Just when I feel completely comfortable, I’m reminded that I have competition.

Their dinner goes well; even Ms. Gomez is polite to Taylor.

“So, Tay, I’ll walk you out?”


Selena: Taylor doesn’t feel comfortable spending the night with me, and its okay. She’s old-fashioned, I would never push her.

“I had a great time tonight. And I’m glad you opened up to me by singing something you’ve written.”

“Anytime. I care about you, a lot. You know that right?”

Selena smiles and kisses Taylor. “I know that.”

Taylor: I hope it doesn’t hurt my chances of winning.

Selena goes back inside and takes the time to talk to her three confidantes.

“So, who do you guys like better?”

“Taylor. She’s not after your money.” Ms. Gomez answers quickly.

“Is money seriously all you think about?”

“I say Demi. She’s more your lifestyle.” AJ offers.

“Looks like your vote is the tiebreaker, Jen.”

“Yeah, right. You aren’t dumping the decision on me. In the end you have to choose who you see yourself having a life with down the line. They are both great girls.”


“Jennifer I don’t know what to do!” Selena is softly crying into Jennifer’s shoulder. “I feel like I’m in love with both of them for extremely different reasons. I just…don’t know what to do. Demi is adventurous and funny. Taylor is sweet and caring. Can’t you just tell me what to do?”

Jennifer combs Selena’s hair with her fingers. “Oh, Selena. I think you know deep down that one of them is the one for you more so than the other.”


Selena: I’m so nervous, but I’ve made up my mind. It scares me to hurt one of them. I just hope I’m making the right decision.

Selena stands at the end of the long runway, waiting for the first limo to pull up. Tears instantly spring to her eyes as she watches Taylor get out of the limo looking more gorgeous than ever.

Taylor finally makes it to the end of the runway and she smiles. Selena takes both of Taylor’s hands in her own and takes a deep breath.

“Taylor, you are intelligent, beautiful, talented, and a great mother. I care for you so much.”

Taylor’s face drops as she notices Selena’s tears. “But?”

Selena sniffles. “I can’t lie to you. It’s not because I don’t like you, because I do. And it’s not because you did something wrong, because you didn’t. I think that it’d be selfish of me to ask you to leave your life for my crazy one and I just feel something with Demi that I’ve never felt before with anyone else one. I am so so sorry, but your shot at love has ended.”

Taylor takes one last look at Selena, says nothing, and turns to walk away. Selena calls out to her but Taylor continues walking.

Taylor: (crying) I don’t even know what to say right now. If she wants to be with Demi…fine. But she better not think she can come crawling back to me when they break up.

Selena: That was horrible. All I want to do is run after her and comfort her. But I know I can’t. I think this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Selena wipes the tears from her eyes and smiles as she sees Demi’s limo approach. Demi walks up to Selena and the brunette instantly puts her hands on Demi’s waist.

“Demi…At the beginning of this competition I didn’t know what to think of you. We had a strong physical connection but I knew inevitably that wouldn’t be enough. But I kept you around because I thought and hoped we would be able to connect on an emotional level too. And we did. I really think I’m in love with you.”

Demi (happy dancing): Yay!

Selena: It’s a great feeling. I know that I found someone to have fun with and at the same time spend the rest of my life with.

Demi beams and puts her arms around Selena’s neck.

“You still have a shot at love, are you interested?”

“Absolutely.” The two embrace, smile, and kiss. “And I’m in love with you too.”

AN: I’m writing a reunion chapter and I want you guys to write the questions! Ask any of the contestants anything you want. You can leave as many or as few questions as you’d like :)


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glad you liked it :)

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