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Hi and welcome to A Shot at Love with Selena Gomez, the reunion special! I’m your host and Selena’s best friend, Jennifer Stone. Tonight we have lots of things to catch up on. Two pairs on the show are now together, one contestant got married, and of course we will have to talk to Selena, Demi, and Taylor S. Welcome the contestants back to the show…”

(Camera pans over the contestants.)

Jason: sniffs Debby.

Debby: makes a peace sign.

Joe: shouts Joester.

Ashley: makes the rocker sign with her fingers.

Jake: slight head nod towards the camera.

Tiffany: waves with a wide smile.

Mitchell: pegs off the camera.

Kevin: playfully puts Mitchell in a headlock.

Vanessa: crosses her arms and rolls her eyes.

Kellan: stares stoically.

Nicole: smiles and waves.

David: thumbs-up.

Emily: leans back in her chair.

Zac: flexes his bicep and kisses it.

Nick: squints.

Taylor L: half waves.

Later on we’ll be bringing out Taylor S, Demi, and Selena. But for now, let’s start off with Jake and Mitchell. You two seemed to have beef with each other from the start. Did you really think fighting would impress Selena Gomez?”

Mitchell grunts. “A real man fights when he's provoked.”

Jake’s expression doesn’t change. “You could get fired up by an ant. Get some help, Real Man.”

Woah! Okay, well it looks like that rivalry hasn’t been healed. Anyway, on to Jason and Debby. What is it with you two?”

Jason creepily smiles. “What do you mean, love?”

Jennifer squirms in her seat under Jason’s stare. “Nothing. Never mind. Debby, anything you want to say?”

“I’m close to perfecting my anti-love spell and-”

So moving along…Ashley, you said kissing Tiffany was a mistake but now we’d like to know. Was it worth it?”

“Well, actually, it was. We ended up seeing each other after we were eliminated and we hung out. We’ve been together since.”

It’s good to see that you’ve found love even though it wasn’t with Selena. Speaking of finding love on the show, we have another couple that has hooked up. Miley, do you have anything to add?”

Miley shifts uncomfortably. “Not really.”

Emily wraps her arm around the southern brunette. “Oh, come on, Miles! No need to get all shy. She’s been dating me but she’s too afraid to admit it.”

Congrats to you two.”

Miley smiles. “Thanks. But just for the record, I never thought about Emily in that way until after the show. While I was there I genuinely cared about Selena and Selena only.”

“Good to know.”

“I have a question for ya.”

I’m the host, Emily. You don’t ask the host questions.”

“Well I wanna because I’m curious. Do you wish you had had a shot at love with Selena Gomez?”

Jennifer blushes. “Absolutely not. She’s been my best friend since we were five. She’s practically my sister.”

Emily nods and laughs. “Right.”

Back to the contestants. Nicole, you accused Emily of sleeping with you. What really happened between you and Emily?”

Nicole crosses her arms and sighs. “Nothing happened.”

Then why make up lies?”

“I was jealous of Emily. She was hot and cocky and I knew Selena would like her…I liked her.”

*Dramatic gasp from the audience*

Miley’s eyes send daggers at Nicole. “And this is where you stop talking.”

Nicole throws her hands up defensively. “She’s all yours, Miley.”

I agree. Emily’s hot. But before this turns into a catfight, let’s move on. Miley, everyone’s been dying to know. What really happened in that closet with Kellan?”

Miley smirks. “Let’s just say it really was something that couldn’t be shown on TV. But sign up for me and Hilary’s defense classes and we’ll be glad to show you how to do it.”

Nice way to dodge the question. Speaking of Hilary, has anything happened between you and her? And what about crazy Mandy?”

“Just like I told Selena, Hilary and I are strictly friends. And Mandy comes around a lot still but usually Emily scares her away. She can’t seem to take a hint. Or a straightforward GO AWAY for that matter."

Kevin and Nick. Brothers competing for the same girl. Kevin, you were eliminated first and punched Nick. Why did you do it and how is your relationship with him now?”

“I punched him because I was pissed off, plain and simple. It was an impulse and it’s what brothers do. We’re fine now.”

Good to hear, because I know Selena felt guilty about it. On to David. What was with the hate on Demi?”

“She just got under my skin. I’m the nice guy and she’s the bitch.”

*Audience boos*

Seems to me Demi has a fan base. I hear you have good news though.”

“Yeah, I met a beautiful girl named Bridgit and we married less than a month ago.”

Well, congrats, David. I wish you guys luck. Zac, what was with the creepiness towards the end? And calling Selena not bisexual? Were you trying to commit love suicide?”

“I knew this would come up. I blew it. I lost my head because I was jealous and said things I didn’t mean. If I could take it back I would.”

I like a guy that owns up to his mistakes. Last but not least, we have a question for Taylor L. How did you feel after eliminations?”

“Heartbroken. I don’t introduce many people to my family, especially to my daughter Lea, so it was tough. I thought she was the one for me and I genuinely felt myself falling for her. But I’m trying to move on. Selena wants to be friends but I’m just not ready for that yet.”

I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you Taylor. But you’re going to find someone. Now we have arrived to the moment everyone has been waiting for. Let’s hear it for Selena, Demi, and Taylor S.”

The three girls walk out and sit on the couch on the side of Jennifer’s chair. Selena is in the middle of Demi and Taylor.

Welcome to the show. So I guess we should start off easy. Selena and Demi, are you still together?”

Selena smiles, as does Demi, and Selena takes Demi’s hand into her own. “We are.”

Good to hear. What have you two been up to?”

“Well we've just been doing normal couple stuff. We tend to change our scene a lot. Sometimes I’m at her mansion and sometimes she’s at my small apartment. It’s a nice change of pace most of the time.” Demi replies.

No plans of moving in together?”

Selena smirks. “Maybe.”

Ah, you can’t hide anything from me. You made a shocking choice by taking back a key from Nick. That’s the first time in Shot at Love history.”

“Well I felt like I didn’t have a choice. I had made a mistake by giving Nick a key just to keep the gender count even. It was obvious I had a stronger connection to Taylor S.”

Which brings us to our first sent in online question. The first fan asks ‘How could you just dump Taylor S like that when you obviously seemed like you loved her and you even said you loved her?”

Taylor looks away, tears visible in her eyes. Demi looks down in discomfort and Selena nervously plays with Demi’s fingers. “It…sucked. I didn’t want to dump Taylor. I didn’t want to hurt her and I honestly still don’t want to see her go through that pain. But as much as I loved Taylor, I was in love with Demi. I felt horrible. It’s how I felt at the time and I stick by my decision.”

Another fan sent in a question for you, Taylor. ‘Do you hold any resentment towards Selena for making you think she was in love with you? And do you think staying the night with Selena would have changed anything?”

Taylor wipes a tear away from her eye and pushes a curly blonde hair behind her ear. “That’s a complicated question. I’ll be honest. I do feel some resentment towards her. I know she didn’t intend to hurt me and that her feelings were legitimate at the time. But I am still resentful. I thought she loved me more than Demi and she gave me no sign otherwise. It was a competition and I should have remembered that.”


“Selena, don’t. You’ll only make me feel worse. But to answer the second question, I would like to think that staying the night wouldn’t have changed anything. I’d like to think that sex isn’t everything to her.”

Anger briefly flashes through Selena's features. “Thanks, Taylor. Thanks a lot. You know sex isn’t everything to me. I really did care for you and I’m sorry that my feelings were just more for Demi. I want you to be happy and I wish you would say the same towards me.”

Jennifer interrupts. “That leads us to our last fan question. They ask ‘What exactly happened behind those closed doors with Demi and Selena?”

Demi smirks and raises an eyebrow. “Well we do have that deleted scene somewhere if you really want it…”

“Demi!” Selena smacks Demi’s arm. “We are not showing anyone that.”

Okay, ew. I did not need to hear that. We are down to our last question. Selena, you seemed really excited that both Taylors had kids. Are you and Demi thinking about them?”

“Not anytime soon. But I could see kids in our future. You know, far far away future.”

Well there you have it, folks. Selena and Demi are still together and it seems others have found love on this show. Who’s shot at love is next? Tune in next season to find out.”



Feb. 7th, 2010 03:51 am (UTC)
yeah! DEMI!!!
Feb. 7th, 2010 05:50 am (UTC)
haha glad you liked it :)